Prices on nearly everything keep rising but incomes aren’t increasing to match.  Unless you were previously underspending your income, you’re starting to feel the pinch in your wallet.

Now’s the time to make some important decisions about the money you’re spending.  You might have to say no to some things and cut out some of your expenses to make your paycheck stretch.  If you don’t do it now, you can easily find yourself living above your means, which can lead straight into a hole of debt.

Look at one of your past billing statements to see where you typically spend your money.  Are there places that you can cut back?  A few weeks ago, I showed you how I cut my monthly expenses by $100.  You may be able to cut yours by more.

Decide what you have to spend money on and what you can live without.  The things you can live without, live without them.  As the cost of living increases, you’ll be glad you made spending adjustments sooner rather than later.