These days, it seems like gas prices are always hitting record highs.  Some places are seeing prices as high as $4 a gallon.  Increasing gas prices can definitely pinch your wallet, especially if you’re not adjusting your gas consumption or spending some other area of your budget.  Kiplinger has some tips to save money on gas.

  • Shop around.  The gas station you pass on the way to work might not have the lowest price gas in your area.  A site like can help you find the cheapest gas near you.
  • Buy early or late.  Avoid buying gas during rush hour when gas prices are typically at their highest.

Carpooling, public transportation, and working from home are also options for saving on gas.  If you drive an SUV or other vehicle with low gas mileage, you might consider trading for a more fuel-friendly set of wheels.  Remember, if you’re spending more money on gas, you’ll probably have to cut spending somewhere else in your budget to continue making the most of your money.